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Bear Archery

By David Pfile June 12, 2018 0 comments

Bear Archery is the pioneer in the field of archery. With the wide product range like the compound bows, traditional bows, youth bows and gears and appeals this company has made a visible growth in this field.

The compound bows of the Bear Archery are categorized into The Truth2, Done Deal, Game Over, Lights Out, and Show Down. Odyssey II and Pioneer II. The expert team of engineers of this company, that are sure to give you the best of the performances, have designed all bows, that are manufactured by Bear Archery. With various dimensions, the compound bows will satisfy the needs of every shooter.

The traditional bows of the Bear Archery are categorized into Traditional Accessories, Hunter Series and Elite Series. This series is further categorized into Kodiak Magnum, Patriot, Cheyenne, Royal Safari, TakeDown, and Montana Longbow. These bows are made from genuine hand crafted material.

The special edition of these bows is the Super Kodiak Supreme, Montana Longbow Supreme and Kodiak Magnum Supreme. The Elite series is made by using numerous laminates and fiberglass. These bows are equipped with FastFlight string, radiused grip and smoothly crowned arrow shelf and are usually used by the professionals.

The arrow shelf of the Montana Longbow of the Bear Archery is crowned ands cut in the center. The tips of this bow are bound for enabling a stronger force. The Super Kodak series of is made up of leather side plate and Bear Hair mat. The look of these bows is enhanced by the brown and gray lamination of hardwood. These bows are used for hunting animals too! The Royal Safari is the apex of the bowyers skills. These bows are attached with leather grips for a better holding and are mostly used for hunting purpose.

The Bear Archery has a wide range of gears and accessories for the ardent lovers of this game. All the products in this range are designed with a bear logo and are available in different colors and sizes. Products like caps, T-shirts etc will surely boost up your confidence while playing the game or competition.

Archery is the game of skill and concentration. It involves shooting of arrows that released from the bow and shot at a target. The closer the person shoots the arrow to the target, higher points he/she will score.

The scored targets at the end of the game are calculated and the person whose total is the highest wins the game. With all these products of Bear Archery, this game will certainly be exciting.

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